Please see below for a list of testimonials.

Many thanks to you for coming to talk to us at school last week. I thought you might like to read the below email I received from one of the Year 11 forms.

“My form all thought that Stephen gave us such an inspiring talk and we were all surprised that he was able to keep us all entertained and interested in his story for the whole period! We also thought that that his business AIM was a good idea and would help many people who are amputees. Lastly, we thought that the girls who spoke at the end were brave to share their experiences with us. We would like to say thank you for Stephen for telling us his story and also for the girls who spoke at the end too”

Cat Wilkes, Head of Year 11 added “Stephen was fabulous. His story was indeed inspiring and his personality perfect”

- Manchester High School for Girls

Hi, you recently made a visit to the Sutton academy St Helens, I was truly inspired by Andy’s story the way even though he didn’t have his arm or both his legs he still did all those things like riding a bicycle all those miles and climbed to the top of that mountain, it bravery, something I didn’t know until Andy came in, I would like to say thank you so much because now when I leave school I want to be a soldier in the British Army because Andy showed me that nothing is impossible so thank you so much.

- Jess Davies at Sutton Academy St Helens

Thank you for a very inspirational talk

- Rosie Baker Sutton Academy

I would just like to say a big thank you for you coming to Poynton High School today and sharing with us the most heart breaking story ever, it made me more motivated at school and you did a really good job about how you should try at school. I’m so happy you came in as it has shown me no matter what’s up with people they can do the same thing as other people, thanks again.

- Hannah at Poynton High School

Amazing talk today from Andy and Stephen at our school. Staff and pupils were inspired and enthralled. I cant recommend AIM enough to any teachers out there looking to motivate their pupils.

Thanks a million. You were brilliant.

- Nina Hislop at St George Catholic High School

Thanks for the amazing speech at tonights Duke of Edinburugh evening in Chester. What an awesome pair. We love it

- Jill Houlbrook

Andy’s story really touched our hearts and put things into perspective

- Kimberly Hall (age 16) Woodham Academy

Sometimes we may think we have had a bad day but they have been through so much and are still smiling.

- Pupil at Woodham Academy

An inspiring talk to scout tonight from Stephen from AIM, Stephen told us his story and motivated us to persevere and never give up no matter what life throws at you

- Boy Scout

My son came home utterly inspired by the talk and couldn’t stop talking about it

- Parent of Scout

A big big thank you to Andy Reid – Standing Tall – for coming into school today for our rememberence service and thank you to Stephen Cruse for your help arranging it…It was an honour and a pleasure. Hope the school ultilise your skills in the future…thanks again.

- Natalie Van-son Gadsby – Byrchurchill High School

Met the guys from AIM today at the Voluntary Action Fund (VAF) Awards and they were inspirational! Such dignity about their experiences and using what they’ve learned about adversity to inspire and motivate others! Thanks Andy Reid for sharing your journey today

- Andrea Beavon – Voluntary Action Fund

When AIM came in I thought it was very informative and they are all so inspirational . I enjoyed playing volley ball with them all even though they beat us by a mile !! Im Glad I donated money to the charity as more people need to aware of how inspirational they are!!

- Chelsea Smith St Helens College

When AIM come in a found it very interesting and made me realize how real life is. I was inspired by Andy and thought he was very brave to come and talk to us.

- Antonia St Helens College

When AIM came in I found it very interesting, It made me realize how not to give up in life no matter what. Also I was happy to take part in the Charity and even donated money to help out

- Jonathan Grady St Helens College

Thanks for coming in yesterday. We have has such positive reactions from all the pupils today who were quite inspired by the talks. It would be great if we could continue working alongside yourselves and the charity and look forward to doing so.

- Bridgey Neacey Bridgewater High Warrington

I thought Stephen’s speech was very inspirational. I took everything he said in and its unbelievable. It makes me want to never give up on my hopes, dreams, ambitions and aspirations no matter what happens. It’s incredible to think that someone has done so much to help other people.

- Rosie Yr6 Combs Middle School

As I walked away from assembly it really shocked me. It made me realise that I should never give up. It made me determined to work hard, to help others and to reach for my goals

- Millie-Mae Yr6 Combs Middle School

I found it very inspiring and I am amazed with how he has carried on in life. After everything life has thrown at him, he’s thrown it back

- Noah Yr6 Combs Middle School

I thought that Stephen was really inspirational and it made me realise that sometimes when I moan about things I shouldn’t. At the start I thought it was going to be one of those boring assemblies but it wasn’t it was probably one of the best. I liked it a lot

- Libby Y6 Combs Middle School

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