Motivation is a desire to do things. It is the difference between us waking up in the morning and getting up and going out and doing things with our day, or staying in bed or in the house all day. Motivation starts with setting goals for ourselves. To do this we must figure out what we want and how we can achieve it.

Motivation is an essential part of our daily lives. From an early age we learn to self-motivate, by opting to do the things in life that we enjoy. We aim to achieve the things we enjoy by doing them to a level that we are comfortable with. We actively seek to achieve from the day we are born, from learning to walk and talk, through to choosing sports and hobbies we enjoy. We also motivate ourselves at school, pick subjects to study and then finding a profession that gives us satisfaction.

After amputation all things change and its setting the right mind set to learn to motivate all over again. The best way of achieving this is through inspirational people, especially those who have been through amputation and can share their experiences and challenges with us to help us motivate ourselves.

Often after amputation comes an array of emotions from feelings of grief and loss to anxiety and depression. Having the right support around after amputation is vital to recovery and all our members at AIM are here to offer their support to others and the families.

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