Corporate Services

AIM provide motivational and inspirational talks and presentations to all corporate organisations throughout the UK, these talks are specifically planned to meet with the companies required messages and are delivered by very experienced, highly motivated and truly inspirational amputees that have had and suffered major life changing experiences.

Currently we have two speakers working with corporate clients and also have several more trainee speakers that are also amputees that have had major life changing experiences, AIM’s trainee speakers are currently gaining experience from talking to students from various organisations including secondary schools, university’s, community groups and charitable organisations.

Our current speakers are William Andrew Reid aka Andy Reid, and Stephen Cruse, more information about these speakers can be found on within this website by clicking on the names of the speakers.

For more information about our presentations and speakers you are welcome to contact Jackie at our office on 01744 808100 or email Also you may wish to view some of our testimonials by clicking here.

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