Your programme of rehabilitation will be individual to you and your needs and is aimed at getting you back to doing as many normal activities as possible.

You will be asked to set yourself some realistic goals which you can aim for and this will help focus your mind on small but important achievements.

If you have had a lower limb amputation then you will be taught how to move around in a wheelchair as well as “transfer” techniques to get from your wheelchair to your bed for example.

You will initially be taught to walk using a practice leg while using parallel bars running either side of you to support yourself. After having your prosthetic fitted you will be taught how to walk on your prosthetic limb or how to grip with a prosthetic hand.

Rehabilitation can be long and difficult, as well as very frustrating at times. However, AIM can be there to support you through this time as well as help you to realise that you can get back into your hobbies and back to work in the future.