Amputee Services

There are approximately 5-6,000 major limb amputations in England each year. In the UK some of the main reasons why amputations are carried out include disease, serious trauma to the limb, deformity of the limb, or persisted pain that means the limb has limited functional use.

Diabetics have an increased risk of amputation because diabetes can lead to damage to the nerves in the limbs which affects the person’s awareness of minor injuries or wounds – specifically the feet. Arterial disease can also cause issues with healing of a wound and early recognition and treatment is vital to avoid amputation.

Having an Amputation is traumatic for everybody. Not only do you have to deal with a disability you also have to mourn the loss of a vital part of your body which impacts everyday of your life. Whether it be the part of your body that makes your first cup of tea in the mornings or the first step you take when you get out of bed in the morning. Daily life will never be the same again. Then there is the stigma attached with your visual difference to your body, how do you cope? How will people treat you? How can you do the job you have been trained to do? All this information and more can be obtained from our Directors. Just get in touch.

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