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Andy and Stephen met in October 2010 in Auckland sky tower as they where both there for different reasons and both only in Auckland city for the one day, on meeting each other they soon realised they lived only 10 minutes drive away from each other back home in England, since then they have become good friends and met regularly to discuss how they can make a difference to people like themselves that haven't gained the experience, knowledge and life skills that they have. AIM came from combining the skills of both Andy and Stephen to provide a service that is uniquely given by amputees to amputees, making this the most effective way of inspiring and motivating amputees to make the most of their future.


We are a Community Interest Company (non-profit organisation), our aims and objectives are to reinvest surplus funds to create opportunities for amputees, providing assistance towards further education, employment, sports and hobbies.
We use our first hand experience of Amputation, Inspiration, Motivation and Determination to help enhance and develop our community, encouraging and supporting amputees to develop skills and confidence, providing team building workshops and inspirational talks to schools, colleges and hospitals.


Amputation is a traumatic surgery for everybody, not only do you have to deal with a disability you also have to morn the loss of a vital part of your everyday life, whether it be the part that makes your first cup of tea in the morning or the first step you take getting out of bed, daily life will never be the same again. Then there’s the stigma attached with your visual difference to your body, how do you cope? How will people treat you? How can you do the job you have been trained to do? All this information and more can be obtained from our very motivational and inspirational amputee directors. Please contact us for more information.



Directors Andy Reid and Stephen Cruse never decided they where inspirational people, nor have they decided to tag this word to their titles, they have just decided that life after amputation was going to be the beginning of something new, they both knew that their previous careers where over due to massive traumas, life ahead was to them a new beginning, not an end to their lives. Setting new challenges and setting small goals to finally achieve the overall challenge is the way to self motivate, small goals are not as daunting and the end is always in sight. Never giving up, never taking no for an answer and believing in yourself is truly INSPIRATIONAL.



Motivation is an essential part of daily life, from an early age we learn to self motivate by opting to do the things in life that we enjoy, and aim to achieve at a level that we are comfortable with, we don’t realise but we are actively aiming to achieve from the day we are born, learning to walk and talk then right throughout life choosing sports and hobbies we enjoy, picking subjects in school to study and finding the profession that gives us satisfaction. After amputation all things change and its setting the right mind set to learn to motivate all over again, the best way of achieving this is through inspirational people, especially those who have suffered through amputation

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I am a survivor not a victim.

-- Andy Reid --


We AIM to give inspiration and motivation to persons of all walks of life so that they can develop their own understanding of a better future and learn ways of moving forward in life to their full potential whether this being as an individual or as a team member, through workshops, talks and activity days.

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Here’s few clients we’ve worked with so far

Saint Helens RLFCNetwork RailHope AcadamyDearne-Valley CollegeASDAWarrington Wolves RLFCPeninsula Business ServicesBACPDa Le Salle SchoolHaydock High SchoolHaydock High School


Our Services

AIM will be meeting amputees pre and post operation to help them deal with the changes that they are facing, we will also be providing training and opportunities for amputees to work with us and/or help them into their ideal profession, sport’s or hobbies.


AIM provides talks and team building workshops that help students self motivate from our powerful and moving, motivational and inspirational stories and also gain team player and team leadership skills from our team building days.


What we offer
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Respect
  • Disability Awareness
  • Confidence
  • Guidance


AIM breathes new life into workforces of all capacities, from factory production line staff right up to managerial and director’s level. We can be an addition to a team motivation day and provide one or two talks that we can adapt to the nature the current issues or topics raised.


What we offer
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Staff Development
  • Respect
  • Confidence
  • Guidance


AIM wants to change the way that amputation is perceived, we will encourage people to be proud of their prostheses and not be afraid to wear it in public and not have to hide it.


What we offer
  • Research
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Support
  • Amputee Community
  • Guidance

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What our Clients say

  • ”Andy is an amazing guy with a great sense of humor”.

    I’m really glad I came to see him and look forward to reading his book I’m intrigued to find out what the letters he signed in the front stand for! I have often thought I would like to do a tandem parachute jump but not so sure about the wedgie!”

    Sandbach School
  • Thank you so much for coming in to see some of our students. You took a challenging group of
    young boys and held their attention and admiration for nearly two hours, which I only wish I could do! My students learned about the importance of determination, self discipline and high standards in a way which was completely unique. You taught them that it is possible to achieve in the face of adversity and that no challenge is too big. Since then, my students have talked about little other than your visit and the challenge that you set them. They are well on their way toward planning their own fundraising events, having been inspired to help to

    Michelle Dunne - Hope Academy, Newton Le Willows
  • Andy’s presentation at our recent ASDA leadership event was an inspiration to us all.

    Completely different to motivational speakers we’ve heard before, Andy R’s incredible story
    transformed the attitude and outlook of the audience. They showed us what can be achieved with the right attitude and ambition and how to focus on fully using the resources we can control, not dwelling on those we can’t. Their talk was an excellent way to start a day on business strategy, setting the tone of positive can do thinking, and an atmosphere of mutual respect around the room. If you seek a truly inspiration story, then I would strongly recommend Andy and Steve.

    Rob McWilliam - Finance Director ASDA
  • Stephen himself was “really funny and inspirational”

    his enthusiasm contagious and his personality revealed to be one of great character and possessed of real appetite for change in the public perceptions of amputees and indeed of their perceptions of themselves. Jackie came across as very amiable and she was also someone we all left the lesson feeling inspired by and looking up to.

    Sarah Moores - Manchester High School for Girls
  • Andy’s presentation at our recent Peninsula Advice Service conference was truly uplifting.He is a great role model with a remarkable positive attitude, and it was an honor to have him attend our conference day. Andy delivered his story with passion, humility and humour and his speech left us all feeling motivated and inspired. It is astonishing to see how he has used his life experiences and injuries to move forward, whilst also keeping himself motivated and happy.

    It was particularly great to hear how he has worked hard to overcome the challenges he faced and it certainly puts things that happen in your own life into context.
    As an employer Andy’s message is clear – If you set yourself clear objectives with hard work and determination you can drive yourself to overcome any challenge and succeed in your journey of life with a positive attitude.[/testimonial_slide]


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